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PAYMENT REQUIRED: This Exclusive Limited Warranty will become effective and binding only upon timely receipt of payment in full to Savage Range Systems, Inc. ("SRS") for all amounts agreed to be paid to SRS for all services, or goods received or to be received, and will last for a period of one year from installation or delivery. Upon this Exclusive Limited Warranty becoming effective as set forth herein, SRS warrants that materials, equipment, goods, or services provided under this contract shall remain free from defects for a period of one (1) year. If within said 1-year period, SRS determines that a defect exists, then SRS will, at no charge to the customer, repair or replace materials and/or perform services so as to correct any defect covered under this warranty. Any claim made or submitted under this warranty must be issued or confirmed via a written notice received by SRS prior to the expiration of the 1-year period from the date of delivery or commissioning of the equipment. In the event warranty service, repair or replacement is requested, claimant shall (1) timely deliver written notice to SRS within the warranty period; (2) maintain a receipt of delivery of such timely notice; (3) fully cooperate with providing complete information necessary or as requested by SRS; and, (4) Upon request by SRS, provide access upon the premises as necessary to enable to SRS or its agent(s), to inspect, investigate or service the equipment.

SRS's obligations, and customer rights under this warranty, shall become null and void should customer fail to comply as set forth above or should the defect occur as the result of customer's failure to maintain the equipment as recommended herein. Additionally, this warranty shall become null and void upon misuse, abuse, usage of weapons or ammunition or procedures which exceed or differ from the specifications and parameters set forth in SRS product manuals, failure to timely deliver payment, or failure to timely provide written notice to SRS of a claim for warranty service, repair, or replacement, failure to take appropriate action under the circumstances so as to mitigate the damages or potential damages or injury. SRS accepts no liability for, and hereby specifically disclaims any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or other damages incurred by the customer as a result of use or ownership of the equipment covered hereunder. The remedies detailed in this warranty shall represent SRS's sole and exclusive obligation and the customer's sole and exclusive rights under this warranty. No other warranties expressed or implied, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTY FOR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY shall apply to this contract, or the goods or services sold, performed or delivered.


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There is more than just the initial purchase price to consider when you consider installing a bullet trap for a range.

Per Million Rounds - Based on a 12 lane range firing 60,000 rounds per week for 15 years.

An informed decision to purchase a shooting range includes a look at the initial purchase price AND the long-term costs. All operational costs - upkeep and maintenance, along with repair, replacement parts and disposal of environmentally sensitive materials - need to be considered.

Costs to consider include:

  • Installation
  • Operational costs
  • Disposal of any material, such as rubber, used to absorb the bullet's energy
  • Mining/Cleaning of the trap
  • Disposal of bullets, jackets and fragments
  • Longevity of the trap and its ability to sustain a steady volume of fire

Automatic Bullet Recovery System (ABRS)

For easy collection, Savage Range Systems pioneered the Automatic Bullet Recovery System (ABRS) with the Snail® System Bullet Trap.

As bullets decelerate, losing energy, they finally fall to the bottom of the chamber and exit through a bottom slot. They are then carried along a conveyor to a collection drum, behind the trap, to be either disposed of, or recycled. Just one more reason why a Savage Range System is considered the safest and most efficient shooting range available.

Snail® System Deceleration Chamber

In 1991, Ron Coburn invented the Snail® System - a bullet trap that decelerates a bullet rather than disintegrating it on impact.

The heart of the Snail® Trap is the deceleration chamber. Low angle entrance ramps guide the bullet into a circular chamber where it revolves, losing energy, until it drops down for collection.

This simple, yet ingenious, solution virtually eliminates lead dust for a safer range environment and has revolutionized the entire shooting range industry.

Snail® Systems Deflection Ramps Make the Difference

The Wet Snail® System, with low angle ramps and round deceleration chamber, results in virtually no airborne lead at the trap.

Unlike other steel traps on the market, Snail® Traps have always used low angle ramps (12° for rifle and 15° for pistol) that guide the bullet into the round deceleration chamber, where the bullet loses energy and safely drops into a collection area, ready for recycling. A .30-06 bullet will make approximately 130 revolutions in 2-3 seconds.

In the Wet Snail® Trap, a mixture of biodegradable lubricant and water encapsulates any lead particles that may be generated before they become airborne and inhaled by the range users. This results in a safer and cleaner environment for the shooter.