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Muzzle Energy Reference Guide

  Indicates recommended Shooting Range and Bullet Trap for specific calibers of commercially available ammunition. Click a check mark for more information.
* Up to 12 Guage - 2.75" shells; no slugs.
** Limited quantity/single shot .50 BMG
*** Full auto capable .50 BMG
Proof and Function
Forensic Buddy
.25 ACP 64          
.22 LR 113          
.32 ACP 129          
.380 ACP 200          
.32 H&R Mag. 230          
5.7mm x 28 315          
.38 Special +P 342          
.45 ACP 420          
.45 Colt 423          
.38 Super 431          
9mm Luger (9x19) 454          
.44 S&W Special 476          
.40 S&W 485          
.357 SIG 575          
.357 Mag. 591          
10mm Auto 740          
.41 Rem. Mag. 788          
.44 Rem. Mag. 1,036          
.480 Ruger 1,315          
.454 Casul 1,907          
.460 S&W Mag. 2,041          
.500 S&W Mag. 2,580          
.22 LR 140          
.17 HMR 250          
.22 WMRF 324          
.22 Hornet 723          
.30 M1 Carbine 967          
5.56mm / M855 1,260          
.223 Rem 1,282          
5.56mm / m193 1,313          
7.62 x 39mm Russ. 1,495          
.44 Rem. Mag. 1,650          
.22-250 Rem. 1,654          
.30-30 Win. 1,902          
.243 Win. 1,945          
.257 Roberts 1,972          
6mm Rem. 2,133          
.45-70 Govt. 2,182          
.25-06 2,382          
7.62 / M80 2,451          
7.62 / M59 2,527          
7mm-08 Rem. 2,542          
7.62 x 54 Russ. 2,650          
.270 Win. 2,705          
.308 Win. 2,743          
.30-06 2,913          
.444 Marlin 2,942          
7mm Wby. Mag. 3,663          
.338 Win. Mag. 3,927          
.300 Wby. Mag. 4,210          
.357 H&H 4,337          
.458 Win. Mag. 4,620          
.460 Wby. Mag. 8,095          
.50 BMG 12,500          
Shotgun varies          

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There is more than just the initial purchase price to consider when you consider installing a bullet trap for a range.

Per Million Rounds - Based on a 12 lane range firing 60,000 rounds per week for 15 years.

An informed decision to purchase a shooting range includes a look at the initial purchase price AND the long-term costs. All operational costs - upkeep and maintenance, along with repair, replacement parts and disposal of environmentally sensitive materials - need to be considered.

Costs to consider include:

  • Installation
  • Operational costs
  • Disposal of any material, such as rubber, used to absorb the bullet's energy
  • Mining/Cleaning of the trap
  • Disposal of bullets, jackets and fragments
  • Longevity of the trap and its ability to sustain a steady volume of fire

Automatic Bullet Recovery System (ABRS)

For easy collection, Savage Range Systems pioneered the Automatic Bullet Recovery System (ABRS) with the Snail® System Bullet Trap.

As bullets decelerate, losing energy, they finally fall to the bottom of the chamber and exit through a bottom slot. They are then carried along a conveyor to a collection drum, behind the trap, to be either disposed of, or recycled. Just one more reason why a Savage Range System is considered the safest and most efficient shooting range available.

Snail® System Deceleration Chamber

In 1991, Ron Coburn invented the Snail® System - a bullet trap that decelerates a bullet rather than disintegrating it on impact.

The heart of the Snail® Trap is the deceleration chamber. Low angle entrance ramps guide the bullet into a circular chamber where it revolves, losing energy, until it drops down for collection.

This simple, yet ingenious, solution virtually eliminates lead dust for a safer range environment and has revolutionized the entire shooting range industry.

Snail® Systems Deflection Ramps Make the Difference

The Wet Snail® System, with low angle ramps and round deceleration chamber, results in virtually no airborne lead at the trap.

Unlike other steel traps on the market, Snail® Traps have always used low angle ramps (12° for rifle and 15° for pistol) that guide the bullet into the round deceleration chamber, where the bullet loses energy and safely drops into a collection area, ready for recycling. A .30-06 bullet will make approximately 130 revolutions in 2-3 seconds.

In the Wet Snail® Trap, a mixture of biodegradable lubricant and water encapsulates any lead particles that may be generated before they become airborne and inhaled by the range users. This results in a safer and cleaner environment for the shooter.