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Target Retrieval Systems

KMA Overhead Target Retrieval System

The KMA Overhead Retrieval System is the most advanced, user-friendly retrieval system ever made. Designed to provide the shooter with a controllable, smooth and easy retrieval system, the "KMA" is a 'plug and play' modular system, easy to install and maintain - only a few tools are required. The modular design accommodates any length of range, with lighting that rides the track with the target. Powered by a standard 115/230V outlet, with low wattage LED lighting, the target system runs a self-diagnostic at start-up, uses dual optical sensors for distance control and allows for programmable stopping points. Welcome to the future of target retrieval!

  • Modular design with upgradeable capability of turning unit.
  • Made from 12-gauge galvanized steel.
  • Carrier-mounted target lighting is installed behind faceplate and travels and illuminates the target at any distance.
  • LED lights for lower operational cost.
  • Rides on low-maintenance polyurethane wheels.
  • Drive Unit plugs into 115/230v outlet using standard computer power cable.
  • Performs self-diagnostic at start-up.
  • Installs to ceiling with vertical hangers universally adjustable thru length of track.

Track Wheel Assembly

Four low-maintenance polyurethane wheels glide along the Carrier Track, constructed of 12 guage galvanized steel. The track is vertically attached with hangers universally adjustable thru the length of the track. There is even a front section access area which allows the fully assembled Carrier to be removed. A 12" section of track, that contains the pulley section, attaches to the final section of track.

Target Carrier

A view of the interior of the Carrier.

KMA 1000: Basic overhead target retrieval system allows one-directional 90° front and edge target turning.

KMA 2000: Enhanced overhead target retrieval system allows full 360° target turning.

  • Modular design with upgradable capability of turning unit.
  • Installs on track without the need to remove track sections.
  • Cover easily removes for service or replacement.
  • Carrier can be disconnected from the drive cable without losing cable tension.
  • Moves by 1/8" cable.
  • Re-calibrates with Drive Unit at HOME position.
  • Made from 12-gauge galvanized steel.
  • Faceplate constructed of 1/4" armor steel and can accommodate changes of armor thickness.
  • Optional turning unit with 360° target rotation is available.
  • Carrier-mounted target lighting is installed behind faceplate and travels and illuminates the target at any distance.
  • LED lights for lower operational cost.
  • Lights automatically go on when target is fully faced.
  • Optional red and blue lights simulate actual lighting and are controlled from central control only.
  • Dual optical sensors on drive unit and carrier.
  • Rides on low-maintenance polyurethane wheels.

Drive Unit

The Drive Unit sensor measures target distance in feet, yards and meters, automatically runs a self-diagnostic at start-up and recalibrates on reaching the HOME position.
Drive Unit:
  • Drive Unit plugs into 115/230V outlet using standard computer power cable.
  • Performs self-diagnostic at start-up.
  • Drive Unit Optical Sensor calibrates with Track Distance Optical Sensor.
  • Communicates with local control, central control and target carrier.
  • CPU maintains a log of errors and can download log.
  • Removable cover for easy access and maintenance.
  • Constructed from 12-gauge galvanized steel.
  • Cover made from thermoformed ABS plastic.
  • Track-mounted optional LED booth light, controlled from booth or central control.
Carrier Track:
  • Modular design, in 7'6" sections with 9" overlap for rigidity.
  • Installs to ceiling with vertical hangers universally adjustable thru length of track.

LED Target Light

When the target reaches the programmed distance, it turns and illuminates. Bright LED lights can be controlled by either the Booth Control Unit or a central control.

The LED target light 'rides the track' with the target! Operated from either the shooter's booth or a central control, the traveling target light turns on when the target reaches the programmed distance and fully faces the shooter. The lights are mounted inside the Carrier, protected by a 1/4" armor steel faceplate. Red and blue flashing lights, operated by a central control, can be added to simulate 'in the field' illumination for optimal practice.

Dual optical sensors, one on the Drive Unit and another on the Carrier, always know the correct distance to the target. Target distance is measured in feet, yards or meters and can be programmed at the booth or a central control. The Carrier glides smoothly along the track on eight low-maintenance polyurethane wheels. The Carrier re-calibrates on reaching the HOME position

Booth Control Unit

Now the shooter has complete control over the target. The programmable Booth Control Unit allows each shooter to program shooting distance, in feet, yards or meters, and then send or retrieve at the touch of a keypad. It also controls the booth light. The KMA 1000 delivers one-directional 90° front and edge target turning, while the KMA 2000 offers full 360° target turning.

Either way, the shooter has never had such complete control of the shooting environment.

Basic Overhead Target Rail System

With our OHTS: the carrier only moves backward and forward.

The Pivot

It may not look like much, but this simple mechanism connecting the target hanger to the carrier eliminates the biggest cause of down time on ranges. By allowing the hanger to swing back freely in reaction to errant shots, the carriers can take direct hits day after day without breaking.


Mounted inside the shooting stalls, selector switches attached to a simple electric motor place the target stops precisely where you want them down range.


Don't show again

There is more than just the initial purchase price to consider when you consider installing a bullet trap for a range.

Per Million Rounds - Based on a 12 lane range firing 60,000 rounds per week for 15 years.

An informed decision to purchase a shooting range includes a look at the initial purchase price AND the long-term costs. All operational costs - upkeep and maintenance, along with repair, replacement parts and disposal of environmentally sensitive materials - need to be considered.

Costs to consider include:

  • Installation
  • Operational costs
  • Disposal of any material, such as rubber, used to absorb the bullet's energy
  • Mining/Cleaning of the trap
  • Disposal of bullets, jackets and fragments
  • Longevity of the trap and its ability to sustain a steady volume of fire

Automatic Bullet Recovery System (ABRS)

For easy collection, Savage Range Systems pioneered the Automatic Bullet Recovery System (ABRS) with the Snail® System Bullet Trap.

As bullets decelerate, losing energy, they finally fall to the bottom of the chamber and exit through a bottom slot. They are then carried along a conveyor to a collection drum, behind the trap, to be either disposed of, or recycled. Just one more reason why a Savage Range System is considered the safest and most efficient shooting range available.

Snail® System Deceleration Chamber

In 1991, Ron Coburn invented the Snail® System - a bullet trap that decelerates a bullet rather than disintegrating it on impact.

The heart of the Snail® Trap is the deceleration chamber. Low angle entrance ramps guide the bullet into a circular chamber where it revolves, losing energy, until it drops down for collection.

This simple, yet ingenious, solution virtually eliminates lead dust for a safer range environment and has revolutionized the entire shooting range industry.

Snail® Systems Deflection Ramps Make the Difference

The Wet Snail® System, with low angle ramps and round deceleration chamber, results in virtually no airborne lead at the trap.

Unlike other steel traps on the market, Snail® Traps have always used low angle ramps (12° for rifle and 15° for pistol) that guide the bullet into the round deceleration chamber, where the bullet loses energy and safely drops into a collection area, ready for recycling. A .30-06 bullet will make approximately 130 revolutions in 2-3 seconds.

In the Wet Snail® Trap, a mixture of biodegradable lubricant and water encapsulates any lead particles that may be generated before they become airborne and inhaled by the range users. This results in a safer and cleaner environment for the shooter.